Where Has Time Gone?

Cheers to 2012 and an even better 2013.  

Time and life has gotten the best of me the past year.  To be quite frank, I was pretty down for awhile and had a lot of trouble getting out of the funk of things.  Then time just got away from me and I got busy.  To give a brief overview of what's been going on, my husband and I were pretty unhappy living in small-town-Illinois and decided it was time for a change.   In May, I got a "new" job at the bank I used to work for in Nashville, TN.  Since it actually started out as a temp job, I moved by myself to live temporarily with a girl I found from Craigslist (more on that later).  I lived with her for almost 4 months, then finally got my own apartment and a permanent position.  My husband moved down a bit later once he got a job transfer allowing him to work from home.

I must say, it's been quite the ride the past few months.  We're back living in Nashville and loving life.  It's great getting to explore more and learn new areas of town that we didn't see the last time we lived here.  We also decided to drastically downgrade our apartment size, in order to save more for a house.  Unfortunately, we got locked into the lease before we knew the hubbs would be working from home.  But all in all, we're making it work.

Being that we're in a new city and have done a lot of exploring, keep your eye out for lots of Nashville pictures.  Also, since we downgraded our apartment, you'll definitely see more about small space living and how to stay organized even while living in such a small space.

Overall, I have to say, it's great to be back on here...  Keep your eyes open for many more to come, and thanks for your patience this past year.

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