Design Board - Living Room

Below is the design board I created for our living room. I've been searching like crazy to find good deals, and still get fun and modern stuff. I'd say I did a darn good job. Once we get everything put together and decorated, I'll post some before/after pics. 

Overall, I wanted clean, yet comfy. I think this board encompasses my ideas... Though I have been seeing some great beach themed stuff on Pinterest lately and have always loved that too, so I may add some beach textures to the room. I cant wait to be finished!!! :))



As of a couple weeks ago, we closed on the new house and moved in. We have been so extremely busy that I haven't had enough time to sleep, let alone write blog posts. Sorry, y'all!  But I'm sure you can understand.

We have been busy trying to get the hardwoods down, floors painted, and general maintenance done. Then add to that, moving and unpacking. One thing I can say for sure, I definitely wouldn't recommend living in a construction zone. Boy, it's been rough, especially since we have only been able to live in the kitchen and our bedroom. Everything else is chaos.

I'll have pictures coming soon of the design boards and before/after.