My hubbs, Josh, and I at the airport before our Honeymoon!

Hello My name is Cara!!

Let's get to know each other.  I'm a late-20s, recently married, city girl that just relocated to Nashville, TN from central Illinois.  I have a huge passion for photography, fashion, and home decor, as you will see throughout these posts.  I am also in the process of turning our household into a more green and frugal way of life.  C'mon everyone should try and save the planet, and if we can save some money in the process, fabulous!!!

As I said before, I have a huge passion for photography.  I recently purchased a new (to me) DSLR camera.  I'm still in the learning stages so far, but you guys will still be able to see pictures periodically - or possibly quite often.

I also am big into organizing and finance.  How do the two go hand in hand, you ask?  Excel!!  Oh, how I love excel!!  Ask anyone that knows me, and they will tell you how much I truly love Excel!  You can do absolutely anything with it!  As far as my finance background, I worked as a Credit Manager as well as in a Mortgage Processing Department.  I love to get my hands dirty with some number crunching!  And as for organizing... if you ask me, everything is much easier when it's organized.  And there is always plenty of organizing to be done, too.