New Project - Dresser Turned TV Stand

I'm soo soo soo excited right now!!  The husband and I finally found a dresser on Craigslist that's exactly what we've been looking for.

For us to buy the dresser, it had to fit into the following criteria:

  • Cost less than $50
  • Have a bit of an antique look or character
  • Not too modern or sleek (I never thought I'd say that)
  • Must be solid wood, not press board
  • It had to be a long horizontal dresser, not a vertical chest
  • Wanted to do work to it....
  • But didn't want the drawers falling apart.
  • Drawers that pulled in and out easily
  • Be able to organize drawers easily with DVDs and/or gaming controllers etc.

After holding out for months, we finally found exactly what we wanted... AND it has all my picky specifications above,

Stay tuned for the next.  big.  project.  :)

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