Volunteeering at the Habitat for Humanity Women's Build

This past Saturday, myself and some co-workers volunteered at the Habitat for Humanity Women's Build.  And, boy, what an experience it was!!

Denise and I working hard :)

It was so great to get out there and get my hands dirty building... especially when I have such a craving for it since we can't do anything to our apartment.

The entire time we were there volunteering, we were helping to put up siding on the house.  It's amazing at how quickly a house can be built.  Last week the roof was put on.  It's just so quick!!  And the absolutely most amazing part of it.... THE WHOLE HOUSE IS BUILT BY WOMEN!!!  Whoohoo!!  Girl power! :)

I loved helping as much as possible, and just selflessly donating my time and energy.  The family who will be living in the house was actually there that day and helping alongside the volunteers.  How cool is that?  I have a huge respect for that family!  They can say they not only received such a generous donation, but they also can say they helped build it with their own 2 hands!  Well... 6 hands since there was 3 of them there that day.  :)

I had an opportunity to talk to the family, and learned a bit about the Habitat for Humanity process and about their journey.  It was so rewarding getting to know them on a more personal level.  It makes the experience much more real, since I can actually tie the homeowners to the house and my experience..

Overall, like I mentioned in a previous post, I really enjoy volunteering and the experience that comes with it.  I have not been volunteering as much time as I'd hoped, but life has been crazy busy lately and at least I have found some time to help with the Habitat For Humanity.

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