This Week...

...is my family VACATION.  My hubbs and I, along with my parents, are in Myrtle Beach.  LOVE the beach!! Absolutely fabulous!  Now, if only I could have the beach as my backyard!! 

So... the reason you guys won't be hearing from me this week is because I'm enjoying the beach-ch-ch-ch-ch :)

And don't worry....

When I get back home, I'll be sure to tell ya all about it!!!

I think this may have to be my new picture on here.  Haha!  I love it!!

Now... I know ya'll are wondering how long it took to get this shot... but really, it only took like 3 minutes and 30 pictures.

I LOVE it! 

Oh... and HAPPY LABOR DAY!!  Make sure you don't do any laboring!  Be sure to relaxxxx... on the beach, perhaps? :)

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