Starting a Side Business... Wow!

As I'm sure most of you know already, my husband and I have both started up our own business.  Josh has been in school for design and has been getting experience while he can.  I purchased a (new to me) DSLR camera from a friend who took our engagement pictures.  Since purchasing it, I've been playing around tons and just learning more and more and needless to say, I'm ready to branch out.  I've done a few photo sessions and absolutely love it!!  This has to be the best "side" job I've ever had!!

The past few weeks Josh and I have been working to get McEinhart up and going.  Through McEinhart we have Design and Photo, each a separate business.  I can't even count the number of hours spent with writing contracts, giving ideas for my logo to Josh, making business cards and all of the research and time spent behind the scenes.  I love it though!!  I have my Bachelor's in Business and this kinda thing is right up my alley.  Writing contracts is a lot of fun for me (yeah... I'm weird like that)!  Hmm... maybe I should consider Law School again ;)

All in all, I must say that starting up a business has been sooooooo much work, and soooo time consuming, especially considering that we both work full-time and are still trying to have a social life, as well.  But right now is the time to work my butt off while I'm young and without kids, so I can enjoy life when I'm old.

And.... with that being said....

It's movie time!  Josh and I rented Something Borrowed!!  I sure hope it's good!  I could really use a good movie right now.. it's just been too long!

 Oh... and be sure to check out my photo blog to stay up to date with the latest sessions: 

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