Myrtle Beach

**Warning: ridiculous amount of pictures below! :))**

I finally found enough time to actually sit down and write about our family vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC a couple weeks ago.  After a LONG 15 hr drive, we finally made it there in tact. 

We spent tons of time at the beach and pool......

Jake normally hates the water and will hardly go in past his feet most times.  The ocean definitely took some getting used to for him, but by the end of the week, he was chasing ducks into the water (see down below).

We also spent some time at the boardwalk.  Tons of restaurants, bars, and shops there.  We ate at Pier 14, just off the water.  It was AWESOME!! 

My parents.  LOVE :)

This is the Skywheel.  It's ridiculously tall.  200 ft above sea level.

Pier 14.  The restaurant we ate at.

Josh and I at dinner

Josh on the pier with the skywheel
We also visited Barefoot Landing.  An outdoor shopping area with 100 stores.  We all cruised around there for awhile.  I bought a coozie and took some pictures, but that's about it.  We about ate at what seemed like a REALLY bad Mexican restaurant.  Ever had flavorless Mexican food?  I had a feeling that's what we were about to eat, so we skipped it and went elsewhere.

Since the timeshare didn't allow dogs, we boarded Jake at a place a couple miles up the road (which was a really good first step for me).  He absolutely LOVED it!  But of course, I was worried, so we visited almost daily to take him to the beach and for walks in the park etc.  On one of the walks, we went to a nearby park since we didn't have much time, and he kept chasing the ducks and turtles.  HILARIOUS!  Again, like I said above, he HATES water, but literally jumped in the water to chase them.  Now we know... if we want him to get in the water, just find an animal for him to chase.

This is a MASSIVE and AWESOME hotel nearby that we REALLY want to stay at (and who wouldn't?)
my iPhone takes pretty decent pics sometimes!  Wow!
In addition to all the above mentioned, we went to a local bar and played pool, drank lots, swam, tried to boogie board, went for walks, hung out at the pool, the beach, the jacuzzi, and a bit of time shopping at the outlet mall.  I even had some time to just relax and catch up on some reading.  That was super nice!  Overall, a relaxing vacation!  Definitely  much needed by all of us!!

Has anyone else been to Myrtle Beach before?  I had a lot of fun, but still didn't feel that there was a TON to do there other than bars, restaurants, and the beach.  Did I miss something??

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