Garden Update

Our garden has more than doubled in the past 4 weeks!!  It's HUUUUGE!!!  But don't take my word for it, check it out:
4 weeks ago, just starter plants.

 Today's picture.  Look at how it's all growing so much!!  The zucchini and yellow squash leaves are MASSIVE!!

 These are the flowers on the yellow squash!  Food coming soon!!! Whoohooo!!

 As I said before, I planted popcorn.  Even if I only get 2 ears out of it, I don't care.  It's still nice to think I can make my own popcorn.

 This is the strawberry planter.  See all those little flowers and all the new leaves?!  Yes, in full bloom!!

Now, the herbs aren't doing quite as well as the rest.  The cilantro had a few bad looking stems, so I pulled those off.  The basil seems to be a bit droopy?  I think we may have over-watered it.  Still trying to figure that out.  The mint was doing really well, but lately hasn't been looking so hot.  Partially I think it has to do with the recent temps, since it hasn't been very sunny or warm lately.  Hopefully next week will help them perk up a bit.  I've gotta figure out how to tell when the herbs are able to be plucked for cooking/eating.  Anyone else out there know? 

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