Extreme Couponing

Has anyone out there been watching the Extreme Couponing show on TLC?  This show is NUTS!!!  In the last episode, one lady spent like $5 on $600 worth of groceries!  And it's all based on coupons, coupons, coupons (and timing them right with sales). 

I'd LOVE to be able to save the insane amounts of money that they save.  But the question is HOW?!  How do people get into this?  How do they continuously save so much money?  Part of it is hard for my family because we buy mostly fresh stuff, and I've never seen a coupon for apples or romaine lettuce.  I do use coupons for anything I can, but I definitely am not getting my bill down to nearly nothing.  Apparently there are plenty of stores out there that do double coupons in addition to the store sales.  Does anyone know which stores these are? 

Does anyone have any suggestions on websites to check and stores to shop at to get the best deals (probably on things like TP and laundry soap, as we eat mostly fresh)????

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