The Garden is Coming Along!!

Alright, so it was finally warm enough to get everything planted in addition to the herbs we planted earlier.

So as you can tell we started with "starter" plants this time, being our first time with the garden. We figured the garden had a better chance of surviving us and our lack of green thumbs.  haha!  

Here is the list of everything we planted:
-Popcorn (yes, popcorn!!!  if you know me, you know how much I love it!!)
-Yellow Squash
-Roma Tomatoes
-Regular Tomatoes
-Strawberries (below) for jam
Once the zucchini and cukes start growing, we will tie them to wood stakes so they don't overrun the garden.  Again, I'll keep you all updated...

In this little planter is strawberries for jam!!  And that's Jake protecting them! :)  I've been wanting to plant strawberries, but had been warned that they have a tendency to overtake a garden, so when we found these "jam" strawberries that are meant for a pot, I figured it was a sign and we got them right away!

I can't wait for the garden to start producing so we can get our own organic produce, as well as homemade jam and salsa... and hopefully popcorn.  Fingers are crossed I get a little something out of that popcorn!!

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