My Perfect Outdoor Space

Recently, I was sent an email from Pottery Barn with their new Summer line and specials.  And boy, oh boy, am I in love!!

So here I am showing you my IDEAL outdoor spaces.... 
(the first two pictures from potterybarn.com)

I think I like this one the most because it also has a beach as the background.  Someday I WILL own a house on the beach!  Just saying.  I love this table and chairs with the dark umbrella.  Of course the beachy feel and the lanterns really speak to me, too. 

You have to ignore the white guesthouse(?) in the background.  I love the acutal outdoor SOFA, especially with the beach/shell touches.  Soooo perfect!!

... and of course you can't forget the covered trellis!!!

Unfortunately our "outdoor" space reflects nothing of this sort.  Our balcony has our tabletop garden, a couple chairs, and our tiny little grill... all crammed into approximately 7x5 balcony.  What can I say, I'm really good at cramming stuff into a small space.  Ask my husband about our cabinets and pantry in the kitchen :)  As for the patio downstairs, it has NOTHING outside other than a doormat.  There are so many little kids running around and thieves in this area, I dont trust putting nice, good quality furniture down there for fear that it will dissapear.  Someday when we move into a house, we'll get the perfect backyard.

What is your ideal outdoor space???  

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