Jake the Salty Dog

Not sure if many of you have heard of The Salty Dog Cafe in South Carolina, but my mom recently stopped by on her girls vacation and told me all about it.  Basically its an "area" of South Carolina where you can go to different restaurants, shops, cafe's etc.  It sounds like a pretty cool place.  If you want to check it out, click on this link to take you to their website.

The "mascot" for the Salty Dog is Jake, a black dog in a yellow hat with a red bandana.  And guess what I have!  A black dog.  Named Jake! :)))  My mom brought back a bandana for him along with his own squeeker "Jake" chew toy.  Of course I had to take photos and submit them on their website.  So of course I thought I'd share with you all as well.

And yes, I KNOW, these all probably look the same to ya'll, but they really crack  me up.  Especially because through the photos you can tell he's getting really bored and just wants to chew his new toy!

One of my FAVORITES :)

This one too!! :)

This is when I finally decided to give him the toy for pictures.  It wasn't meant for chewing.  Squeeky Jake was ONLY for decoration, but my Jake didn't quite get that.

This is the photo that was actually submitted on their website, since you can see his "Jake" name tag

Is it COMPLETELY obvious that I'm holding treats by the camera?  Ok, don't answer that, I know it is.  Gotta figure out a better way for next time.

So now I want to know YOUR favorite picture.  Vote vote vote and let me know, since I can't decide. :)  Has anyone else ever submitted a pet or family photo on the Salty Dog website?

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