Summer is Finally Here!!

Summer has officially started today!!

There are so many wonderful things about summer, but I thought I'd give a quick run down of my top things about summer:

1. Water, water, water.  It can be the beach, the pool, sprinklers, or playing the rain.  

2.  Grilling out - hot dogs, burgers, chicken.  I want to try some veggies on the grill this year, maybe even a grilled pizza since it's all the rage.
3.  Playing outside with the pupp.

4.  The local farmer's market

5.  ... and fresh fruits from the farmer's market, especially the juicy white peaches!!  I'm not sure what we'll do if our lady from last year isn't there this year!  Oh my!!

6.  SUNSHINE, need I say more?

7.  Sandals and cute summer clothes

8.  Driving with the windows down (while singing and dancing to good summer music)... aka country cruisin' for those of you who are from the midwest.  ;)

9.  Garage sales, or anything outdoors for that fact.

10.  Campfires, beer and s'mores.  This doesn't happen often, but is a blast when we do!

What are some of your favorite things about summer?


  1. Oooh good list! I love me some white peaches too, but I didn't know there was a lady at the Farmers' Market who sold them! You'll have to let me know if you find her again. :)

  2. I'll let you know if she's there again, and I'll point her out to you if she is! She's awesome! PLUS, we always get half yellow and half white. Which in turn means she gives us 75% of the thing of white and 75% of the yellow, so we get a ton of food for the money! And we haven't had ONE bad peach from her yet!! :)