Dresser Turned TV Stand - Day 1

So as I mentioned in my last dresser post, we bought a dresser and have been rushing this week to get it done since we have ZERO extra storage space in our apartment.

When we first started, we were going to completely sand it down to the bare wood and prime/paint from there. Once we got started and realized our time crunch, we thought we'd try just lightly sanding and priming/painting over that since we read somewhere online that its possible.

The first night, we decided to lightly sand and prime. We also purchased 3 pieces of wood to add to the top row of the dresser. Without the wood, the consoles we are putting in there would have nothing supporting it. Now, you may be wondering why we used 3 pieces of wood, but that was the only way to fit them inside since there are wood support bars in front.

Below is the dresser once it's been lightly sanded and with the piece of wood.

Stay tuned for additional updates...

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