Save Some Money, Make Your Own... Chalkboard.

Lately I've been oogling over all the fancy chalkboards on Pinterest.  Now a days, there are so many options for what to use chalkboards for -- decorations in home or office, labeling food at a party, framed on the wall and many many more.... below are a few of my favorites.

Labels on goods at a party

Dipped wine glasses

Basement Bar

Home Office To Do Wall

When thinking about what I wanted to make, the best thing I could come up with was a framed chalkboard, since we live in an apartment and cannot do any painting.  I purchased a piece of $4 plywood and some $1 acrylic chalkboard paint and went to town on my project.....

I sprayed the board and framing with primer.  A couple of hours later when the primer was dry, I painted the first layer on the chalkboard.  The paint I bought said to do 2 layers.  One layer horizontally, one layer vertically, and it needed to dry 12 hours in between to cure.  While I was waiting on the first layer of chalkboard paint to dry, I painted the frame with a couple of coats of paint.  

Once everything had dried, I decided to glue the frame on the board.  Now, of course in order to keep it attached, most people would typically use clamps.  Me on the other hand... I just dig through my closet to find whatever heavy objects I can...  :)

I hung the board in the kitchen and drew this weeks menu on it.  I attached it with nails directly through the chalkboard.  One nail in each corner to be sure it wouldn't come off when bumped by the trashcan that's typically in front of it.  Since the nails are dark and my frame was white, I didn't want to hammer thorough the frame since it would drastically show.  I like the way it turned out and how the nails are nearly invisible.

Cost of Supplies
  • 24x48 inch board $4 from Home Depot
  • Black chalkboard acrylic paint $0.59 from Michaels with 40% off coupon
  • Frame $0.69 from Home Depot (and we cut in the store before buying since we don't have the supplies at home)
Total cost $5.28

Cost of a 24x48 inch chalkboard at TJ Maxx? $50.  Regular price? $100!!!  I saved nearly 95% off the original price for about an HOUR's worth of work (and that's being pretty generous.. might be more like 30 minutes plus drying time).  

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