Simple Start to Going Green

Many people think that "going green" is such a hard lifestyle to adapt to, because they think it is going to be so much more work to find green products and food, however it's quite the opposite.  My husband and I have recently began the process of switching many of our products over to more greener options.  We are slowly fading out the bad chemicals for homemade cleaning supplies, and trying to make better choices when buying new goods for our home and ourselves.

My Personal Reasons for Going Green:
1 - By using homemade cleaning products, we no longer have hazardous chemical smells in our house, which are high-risk to our health, as well as our dog (and children, if we had them).
2 - Homemade cleaning products are not only easier on the wallet, but also more environmentally friendly, as they don't contaminate our water.
3 - By purchasing goods secondhand, I am not only saving money by purchasing something old, but I am also saving landfills from even more waste.  This also saves energy, since additional products are not being made.
4 - Speaking of waste, we have also switched over to using as many re-usable products.  For example, instead of using sponges for cleaning and dishes, we now use rags which can be thrown in the washing machine.  This again, helps control our waste output.
5 - Buy foods that are organic, or at least have fewer preservatives in them.  I also try to buy fresh goods as often as possible, rather than frozen, boxed or canned;  Also make as many homemade goods as possible, as it is also much cheaper and healthier.

Overall, my goal is to contribute less to landfills, reduce materials, and reuse when possible.

Be sure to read the upcoming blog posts, as I will go more in depth as to why I have these reasons, and provide with numerous reasons why you too should also make the transition... and not just because I told you so :)

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