Part 5 - Buy Organic, Healthier Food Options

Many people have the misconception that being eco-friendly is super expensive and difficult.  I really hope I've proven you wrong with Parts 12, 3 and 4, as those are all very cheap ways to help the environment and yourself on a budget.

With trying to switch to organic foods, you will definitely notice a price difference.  However, once you get into buying organic food and making a lot of things from scratch, it seems to really balance out.  My husband and I have gone though various trials of making things from scratch.  We've made bread, granola, pizza, cheesesticks, and corndogs (if you want that recipe let me know, it's delish!!) -just to name a fewAnd yes, some of these things may not be the healthiest options, but by making them from scratch not only are we saving money, but also not eating all the preservatives from frozen goods.

As for organic/non-preservative options...  We try to buy organic meats and veggies when we can, though I will admit, we don't do it all the time due to the cost, since we live in such a small town.  One thing we do try to do is buy fresh fruits and veggies, vs the canned or frozen kind.  Not only are we getting more nutrients with the fresh foods, they taste soooo much better!!  I absolutely **LOVE** when the farmer's market opens because there is so many more tasty, cheap, healthy options to eat!

Overall, our goal is to just eat less of the boxed, canned and frozen foods and eat as healthy as possible, and of course eat organic when possible, especially from our local Farmer's Market


  1. Wahooo for the farmers market opens May 7th! Or at least that's what I read!

  2. Have you considered freezing/caning your own, homegrown food? Even if you are an apartment dweller, try growing tomatoes in a pot on your patio - or how about some green beans on a trellis? You would be surprised at how wonderfully fulfilling it is to grow your own food! And if you have more than you can use at one time, you can freeze/can it or give it away to your neighbors/friends! Keep up the great work with your blog!

  3. That is actually our next step process! :) We REALLY want to start our own garden. We plan on building a box garden and sticking it on our balcony so it will get plenty of sun. Then also planting some herbs and such in small planters. I'm not sure if we'll get enough out of the small garden box, to freeze for the winter, but it's definitely worth trying!! The past summer we froze many things from my parents garden, but haven't quite had enough of a supply to do any canning. I'd LOVE to can some fresh salsa! That will definitely be delicious year-round!!! Thanks for reading! Come back soon :)