Healthy "Homemade" Pizza

Tonight my husband decided he wanted pizza for dinner since it's been so long since we've had it... especially him because he eats gluten free.

So this lead to him making his own GF pizza with one of those pre-made crusts, and I made a pizza out of a flat bread crust.  Now, it's not a typical crust for a pizza, but it worked out really well, in my opinion, and I was able to eat a whole 8 inch crust for only 140 calories.  Who was stoked about that?!  THIS GIRL!

I was in the mood for some broccoli tonight, so I decided to toss a bit of it on the pizza, which I've never done.. but it sure was TASTY.
This is the brand of flat bread I got

Here's what I used to make my pizza:
-pre-made flat bread crust
-roma tomato diced
-fresh mushrooms sliced
-fresh broccoli chopped
-1 oz fresh mozzarella crumbled on top

I tossed all the ingredients on the pizza and cooked for 20 minutes ish.  So good, and only about 250 calories for the WHOLE THING!  I definitely will be eating this again and totally recommend trying it to anyone who asks.

Only 250 calories!!!

Has anyone else tried a flatbread pizza, or tried weird veggies on a pizza before?  I'd love to hear about other things to try.

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