I Know... I've Been MIA. There's a Reason....

Horrible picture, compliments of the MLS site listing ;)

Wow, have things been busy lately!  So sorry, folks!  Those of you who I’m friends with on Facebook probably already know…. We’re under contract and buying our first house!  Oh yes… the day is almost here!!!  We close next week.  Is this for real?!  Someone pinch me.  I couldn’t be any happier!! : )))))))

Of course this means our time has been consumed with dealing with sellers and realtors, shopping for flooring, making general house decisions etc.

Once we get into the house, I’ll post some pictures.  And of COURSE, I’ll put the before and after pictures up once we start working on the house.  We have tons of plans for the house.

Check back often for updates….

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