I finally found some daylight to take some pictures of the tree and presents, so even though it's after Christmas, I thought I'd still post it.  A little bit of Christmas after Christmas, is always good, right??? :)

Beach-themed tree this year.  The snowflakes are our stocking hangers :)

I purchased a cute little "M" for our tree!  Only a couple bucks at Hobby Lobby (have I mentioned how much I love that store??)
I found these ADORABLE Naughty or Nice Gift Tags through a blog and used them on all presents this year

Presents under the tree.
This year, I saw some inspiration for using craft paper as wrapping paper.  So the presents don't look cheap or boring, I added a section of wrapping paper to it and a bow or jute.  This was a WAY cheaper option than using wrapping paper.  I got rolls of craft paper for $1 each at the dollar store, then used hardly any wrapping paper.  I like this for two reasons: 1) craft paper is thicker and doesn't rip like the cheap, wrapping paper does, and 2) it was ridiculously cheaper than using all wrapping paper.

Here are additional inspirational pictures from Pinterest:

I think what I may do next year, is buy the nice, expensive wrapping paper to use like I did this year.  That way costs still stay down, but the presents are still beautified.  What do you guys think of this method?

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