Dining Room Striped Walls

As you all saw on my dining room design board, we planned on doing some large stripes on the top half of the wall in the dining room. We love, love, love grey so we contemplated on doing grey/white or light grey/dark grey stripes. I've also heard about doing all the stripes the same color but different sheens, like one glossy and one flat paint.  After a lot of debating and testing color samples, we eventually decided on doing large grey/white vertical stripes. Originally I thought about horizontal stripes but once my husband showed me a pic of vertical stripes, I was hooked.

Below is the tutorial on how we did the stripes on the wall..

1). Paint the wall white, or one of the two colors. 

2). I had to figure out how wide to make the stripes. I did a bit of research and calculations, and decided on a 12 inch stripe. 

3). Measure and tape off each section.  We started in one corner and measured 12", then taped a line. Then measured 10" from that line and repeated until we were all the way around the room. We used 1" tape so all the stripes that were to be painted grey were 12" and the ones that were staying white we're in the sections with the tape since it wasn't being painted again. 

4). Once everything was all taped off, we started painting all the grey stripes. 

Almost done....

So there ya have it.  Striped dining room.  The framing on the bottom half of the dining room will be coming soon, too, so keep checking back. 

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