Cleanse Update - Days 5-7 - Trying To Eat Right While Eating Out.

Pho Soup
Vegan Taco Salad
Rice Chex

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Days 5 though 7 were Friday, Saturday, Sunday.... of course the hardest days of the week in my book.  We always tend to run around more on the weekends or have no desire to cook after the long week, therefore tend to eat out more on the weekends.

Here's how it went:
Day 5 -Felt pretty good, but starting to wish I could have a bit of junk food in my life
Day 6 - Caved in and cheated a little bit with some Gluten Free pizza with cheese on it.... agh
Day 7 - Back on track again, but super bad munchies.  A result of yesterdays slip up?  Hmm... perhaps.

What I ate....
Day 5 -- Breakfast -- Green smoothie -- Kale, strawberries, kiwi, banana
         -- Lunch -- Leftover spaghetti squash from previous day, Hummus and rice crackers
         -- Dinner -- Ate at this place called Wild Cow in East Nashville.  Got a vegan taco salad.
             Looks great, and tasted pretty good too.
         -- Snacks -- No bake energy bites. These are homemade GF bites made from oatmeal,
             peanut butter etc.  Recipe to come.

Day 6 -- Breakfast -- Green smoothie
         -- Lunch -- Fajitas from Mexican restaurant
         -- Dinner -- Gluten free pizza crust with tomato and basil and cheese. *gasp* this is where we cheated.
         -- Snacks -- No bake energy bites; dried fruit bar from Trader Joes (these are AMAZING,
             healthy, updated version of fruit roll ups.  So good!!)

Day 7 -- Breakfast -- Rice Chex with Almond Milk
         -- Lunch -- Homemade veggie pho soup again.  YUM!!
         -- Dinner -- popcorn (typical Sunday night meal)
         -- Snacks -- Banana with peanut butter; energy bites; dried fruit bar.

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