I Know.... I've Been M.I.A. Lately

Hi, friends!!  Sorry I've been M.I.A. lately, but things have been so un-interesting around my house.  I've had very little motivation to do anything, let alone write a blog.  Sorry friends!  I just have nothing fun going on right now, and nobody wants to hear about the blahhh's in my life.

I think a lot of it goes back to this time of year.  It starts getting darker earlier, and by the time I leave work it's dark... at 5 o'clock!  That sucks!!  No daylight!  No walking or playing outdoors in the sun.  Aghh!  It's mildly depressing, don'tcha think?  Given, there are things I like this time of year, but overall, I could completely skip late Fall time and Winter.  Who wants to be in the cold all the time (other than Alaskians and my friend Denise)?!?!  lol!

Given there are things that do perk me up this time of year, such as fall decorations, wreaths, the smell and taste of pumpkin pie.  I LOVE the smell of fall.  I have a pumpkin spice oil thing that I'm using right now and sooo in love!  I love, love, love Fall and Winter scented stuff.  I love Spring/Summer stuff too, but don't usually use the candles and such as much during that time of year.  Part of that probably has to do with the fact that I'm hardly ever home, since there is so much to do outdoors.

In an effort to pull out of this funk I'm in, here is a list of my FAVORITE Fall/Winter Things:

Baking and eating Pumpkin Pie/Bread/Muffins/Cookies... yumm!!
Pumpkin candles and scents
Decorating with Leaves/Acorns/Pinecones
Decorating for Christmas
Visiting the reindeer ranch
Creating new traditions with my husband at Christmas time
Having a contest (this year) with my husband on who can SAVE the most for Christmas! :)
Playing in the snow with loved ones (not driving in it.. ick!)
Buying presents for others
Going to the pumpkin patch
Dressing up my dog for christmas! :)


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